DB 1500-2 XE

drill for diamond drilling, Chuck, number of speeds: 2, maximum diameter: 16 mm, weight: 4.2 kg, carrying case included DB 1500-2 XE
General characteristics DB 1500-2 XE
The Appointment Of drill
Type of instrument for diamond drilling
Power consumption 1500 W
Max. the number of beats per minute 48000 BPM
Number of speeds 2
Max. engine speed at idle 3000 rpm
Features and functions DB 1500-2 XE
Operating mode-impact drilling
Operating mode-chiselling
Safety coupling
Electronic speed adjustment
Electronic protection against overloads
Depth gauge
Dust Bag
Pulse mode
Key lock switch
Magnet holder on the
Jack in the box for mounting bits
Lamp spot lights
Anti-vibration system
Additional handle
Engine brake
Power cable length 4 m
Battery DB 1500-2 XE
Battery life
Additional information DB 1500-2 XE
Carrying case included
Weight 4.2 kg